Use Aspire and get a garden to be proud of! From lite maintenance to transformations from the ground upwards, Aspire’s professional gardeners have the skills and the tools to give you the outside space that you deserve.

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Turf & Lawn Servicing

Nothing beats the feeling of soft grass between your toes, but a perfect lawn needs to be nurtured and cared for with the right equipment and products. You may be starting your garden from scratch, or looking to rein in your overgrown patch. Whatever the case, Aspire’s gardeners will help you get that soft and grassy carpet and share advice on how to keep your lawn in great shape.

Trimming & pruning

On a sunny day, trimming and prunning can be a relaxing way to enjoy your garden. However, when you’re working three foot above your head, or three inches from the ground, it can become a pain. If you want to maximise your enjoyment, then talk to the Aspire gardening team and let them take care of the tough stuff. With the right tools for the job, they will make light work of the hard to reach growth.


Some parts of the garden are beyond the reach of the standard lawn mower and some overgrown slopes are plain treacherous. Left to their own devices, inaccessible verges can easily come to look a mess. With one phone call, you can bring any unruly thicket back into line and even open up space for a flower bed or veg patch. For business properties, regular strimming is a quick and cost effective way to keep things tidy.

General maintenance

It’s often difficult to sum up in a word what the garden needs. Sometimes you just want “a general tidy up, bits and pieces, this and that”. The Aspire gardening team know exactly what you mean. If you need a bit of pruning, a bit of lawn moving, strimming round the edges and a few new slats for the fence, then just pick up the phone to book a reliable gardner who’ll take care of it all.

Clearances & waste disposal

Aspire are a licensed waste handler, so unlike other gardeners, they will take the waste away and dispose of it properly. This is particularly useful for garden clearances where there is a lot of cutting back needed to clear the ground before the creative work can start. Even if the gardening is all done and all you want is a green waste collection, this is a service that Aspire will be happy to provide.