Julian House Merger

In a new and exciting development, as of June 2014 Aspire Bristol is officially part of the rough sleeper support charity, Julian House. We’ll be providing customers with the same range of services as before and planning a number of improvements, so customers can look forward to receiving faster, more reliable and more efficient service than ever before.

Aspire Bristol have a long record of achieving great social outcomes for vulnerable workers in the local area and it was this that attracted the attention of the larger charity, who see huge potential for Aspire Bristol to grow and provide an increased number of opportunities across a wider area.

For Aspire Bristol, this change means that our teams will be growing in knowledge and number, becoming capable of taking on larger and more complex projects. We will have a wider pool of people to recruit from, which helps us to further ensure that the people to whom we provide work opportunities are the very best people for the job.

It’s going to be a thrilling few months and we look forward to sharing more good news with you in the near future.

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