Painters in Easton; Aspire’s team at Kilburn Court

  • September 5, 2014
  • Jobs

This project finds Aspire’s painters in Easton, working for the Young Mothers Group Trust at Kilburn Court. The Young Mothers Group Trust provides safe, secure, supported accommodation services to young mothers in Bristol. From talking to the customers, it sounds like the team did their work well.

What did the customer think of the job?

Grace is a Housing Support Officer working at Kilburn Court. The rooms that the painters were working in are important to her work and she said:

The painters and decorators worked very hard to get the work done within a tight schedule. We’re very happy that the painting work was completed in time and to a good standard, allowing other tradespeople to enter and complete their work.

Aspire’s painters in Easton: What did they do?

The painters had been asked to brighten up a communal room and kitchen space to make it a more pleasant place for the mothers and kids at Kilburn Court to use. This involved:

  • Sanding the skirting boards and door frames
  • Preparing the walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning the surfaces
  • Applying gloss paint to the wooden surfaces
  • Applying emulsion paint to the walls and ceiling

More work in the local area

Aspire’s painters and decorators are based close to Easton and regularly work in Greenbank, Whitehall and the surrounding area. Being based this close means that the team can avoid the central Bristol traffic and travel to you more quickly. This job shows the benefits of buying local: The team were able to get in and get the job done at short notice, leaving the customer satisfied.

If you’re looking for local, reliable painters in Easton, then think about contacting Aspire for a free quote. Check our list of painting services to see a list of the work we we take on. Then you can find all of our contact details by clicking the button that says “Get a free quotation”.