Aspire window cleaners in Mangotsfield at Resound Church

  • August 7, 2014
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Window cleaners George and Dan love a clean window. The contract from Resound church in Mangotsfield is a great showcase for their work. The glass front of their modern building looks brilliant when they’re finished with it, which makes them just as happy as the team at the church!

What did the customer think of the job?

George and Dan work quickly and discretely, which helps the church to go about its daily business. They are always polite and professional when they meet staff and visitors. We’re grateful for the way they work around our pre-school: Avoiding health and safety risks for the kids by planning their visits around lesson times.

What the window cleaners in Mangotsfield did:

This is a modern building with lots of attractive glass work. All the windows need cleaning inside and out; with the super-fast pole system being used on the outside and polishing by hand on the inside. The job consists of:

  • Two very large three-story windows in the main hall
  • One two-story floor-to-ceiling window in the preschool
  • Two story glass entrance lobby with glass ring-canopy
  • Nine glass fire escape doors
  • Five first floor office windows

More work in the local area

Aspire window cleaners visit Mangotsfield regularly, doing rounds of the other houses and businesses in the area. Collecting the visits together into rounds means that they can work more efficiently. This means that they are cheaper than many other window cleaners in Mangotsfield. It also means that they spend longer in each area, getting to know people in the street and building on the reliable reputation.

If you have a job and need a window cleaner, Aspire’s team will be very please to visit and give you a free quote. All you need to do is call the head office or fill in the contact form.

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