Window Cleaning

Join over 500 satisfied customers and enjoy reliably clean windows courtesy of Aspire. Years of experience have shown us that for crystal clear glass, purified rainwater is all you need; pure and simple. Aspire’s window cleaners don’t use any expensive chemicals, or dangerous ladders when they’re working outside, so the service fast and cost effective for all our domestic and commercial customers.

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Exterior Glass: Up to four stories / 60ft

The Aspire window cleaners are so reliable and competitively priced because they keep their feet planted firmly on the group whilst working outside. The pump and adjustable pole system means no ladders to climb, no buckets to refill and no time wasted in the process; all of which means a cheaper and safer service for you. The team can clean any glass surface up to 60ft, the height of a four story building.

Interior Glass: Commercial / Residential

It’s no good having your glass all bright and shiny on the outside if it’s all grubby and greasy on the inside. Dust and other marks build up quickly, particularly if you have kids in the house, so to get the most of your clean windows it pays to have a regular internal clean. If you can be in the house when your window cleaner visits, then they can provide this extra service to put a finishing flourish on the job.

Cleaning: Gutters / Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are one of the most difficult parts of the house for people to clean. Getting up there on a ladder is serious operation and not for the faint hearted. Being white, they really show up the dirt. Aspire’s window cleaners are the perfect people to tackle this job. With their extending poles and water pump, they make light work of this challenging task and return your fascia to gleaming whiteness.