Work Opportunities

If you want to learn a trade, or gain experience that will help you to find work elsewhere, then Aspire may be able to help by giving you the opportunity to join one of our teams.

The work opportunities available at Aspire fall into three categories. Which option is appropriate for you will depend on a number of things, including how much time you want to commit and on the current needs of Aspire’s business.

You can click on the different sections to find out more information, then if you would like to talk to Aspire direct, you can click on the button below. If you have an employment advisor or support worker who is helping you to find work, you can also ask them to contact Aspire for you.

Aspire can offer apprenticeships to people who have demonstrated commitment, reliability and a genuine desire to push their career forwards. This usually applies to people who have proved themselves by building up a good reputation over their time working at Aspire. The apprenticeship consists of a Level 2 NVQ, functional skills training and loads of on the job experience. Whilst you study and practice your skills, you will earn a regular apprentice wage.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, Aspire will either offer you continued employment within the company, or help you to find rewarding work elsewhere.

Aspire run regular 8 week horticulture courses in partnership with Norton Radstock College. These cover a whole range of essential skills; from turfing to block paving and from fencing to water features. You will get a certificate for each skill as you learn and progress.

The courses are always open to new applicants, but being reliable and punctual is essential if you want to succeed and create a good reputation for yourself. To be eligible, you must also commit to one voluntary day per week working for Aspire. This will give you chance to apply your new skills and learn more tricks of the trade.

Volunteering is the first step of many people’s journey with Aspire. You can work for one day a week, or more often if you like. Volunteers join one of the property maintenance teams and work alongside experienced tradespeople learning practical skills and taking part in the day-to-day work of the business.

This will give you chance to find out what it’s like working at Aspire and to decide whether the opportunities on offer are right for you.

Currently Recruiting

Volunteer Cycle Ranger

This role is an opportunity to join our team helping to maintain the traffic-free cycle paths in the Bristol area.

Full details can be found here.

Volunteer Window Cleaner

We are currently recruiting for a Volunteer Window Cleaning Assistant. This role is an opportunity to develop practical skills and experience in an efficient and professional team.

Full details can be found here.